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New York » Nursing Homes

Boro Park Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare

4915 10th Ave Brooklyn, NY
Phone: (718) 851-3700
Services: Baseline Services, Radiology - Diagnostic

Certified Beds

  • Residential Health Care: 354
  • Total Certified Beds: 354

Our organization started on the poor, immigrant streets of Brooklyn in 1907. Four courageous women looked into the eyes of the old and sick– people in desperate need and deserving of kindness–and they did something. They founded the Brooklyn Ladies Hebrew Home for the Aged. With the help of charitable support, the home provided poor, elderly members of the community with quality health care and a home where they could spend their final days.

And so began the story of MJHS.

Rooted in the values of compassion, respect and dignity for every individual regardless of who they were, where they came from or how much money they had.

Those values have guided us every step of the way since then. In a very real sense, we recreate our founding moment every day. We comfort, we counsel, we heal, we put our values to work. From that small building among the tenements, we’ve become one of the most expansive health systems in the region.

At MJHS, we are dedicated to those we serve, each other, the community and our business partners.

Our Mission

Rooted in Jewish values and traditions and consistent with the highest standard of quality care, MJHS seeks to be the premier provider of health services in the greater metropolitan area ensuring access to health, supportive and community-based services across the continuum of need.

Our Core Values

The eight core values that guide us…

  • Commitment—our mission and values always come first. We are dedicated to those we serve, to each other, the community and to our business partners.
  • Caring—we show we care by listening, guiding, supporting and communicating with concern and kindness in all of our interactions.
  • Respect—we accept the opinions, values and beliefs of others without judgment or criticism. We appreciate the contributions of our staff at all levels.
  • Excellence—we expect everyone to give the best care and service possible.
  • Honesty—we are truthful in what we do and what we say. We insist on the same from others. We speak up when something does not seem right.
  • Accountability—we are responsible for our actions regardless of the outcome.
  • Sustainability—we honor the goals, actions and decisions that affect MJHS’ continued success. As both individuals and members of the MJHS family, we are committed to the future of our organization.
  • Leadership—we are self-starters and motivate others by our example.

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