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Midwestern University

555 31st Street Downers Grove,
IL 60515
Phone: (630) 515-6171
Midwestern University
Services: Med education

Join the 21st century health care team at Midwestern University.

Health care education is what we do. We're an established leader with an exciting vision for the future. Midwestern University offers programs that give you solid footing in the sciences, extensive hands-on experience in outstanding clinical rotations, and a compassionate perspective toward your patients.

You'll learn side-by-side with students in other health professions, modeling the team approach to 21st century health care practice. And you'll learn from faculty mentors who are dedicated to preparing their future colleagues for the realities of patient care. Our graduates are found in leading hospitals, private practices, laboratories, pharmacies, and health care facilities across the United States.

Midwestern University. We're tomorrow's health care team.

Midwestern University has a proud and impressive history. Founded in 1900 as the American College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery by J. Martin Littlejohn, Ph.D., D.O., M.D. (1865-1947), the organization was incorporated in Chicago, Illinois, to train physicians in a not-for-profit environment.

MWU history 1

Dr. Littlejohn hired talented faculty that enabled the College to establish a reputation as a leader in medical education, research, and clinical practice. The early faculty mentored their students in the art and science of osteopathic medicine while teaching surgery, principles and practices of osteopathy, anatomy, and basic science. The growth of our osteopathic college is intertwined with that of the osteopathic medical profession itself. Ever since 1874 when a country doctor, Andrew Taylor Still, announced his new theory of osteopathy and began the first college in 1892, the profession has grown in reputation and acceptance around the country and many international settings.

Today, Midwestern University is still governed by the strong principles of the founding administration and faculty. We are an independent, not-for-profit corporation organized primarily to provide graduate and postgraduate education in the health sciences. We are dedicated to the education and development of our students, faculty, and staff in an environment that encourages learning and personal development.

MWU history 2From the earliest days of our founding college, the development of the University has been impressive. The vision of the University leadership is to serve the needs of society by developing the health care team of tomorrow, while students learn the art and science of their professions within a safe and secure campus environment.

The Downers Grove, Illinois, campus was purchased in 1986, and the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine moved from its prior home in Hyde Park, Illinois, to this western suburb. Following the relocation of the College, the Board of Trustees voted to begin the development of new academic programs within the health sciences. The Chicago College of Pharmacy began in 1991 and the College of Health Sciences began in 1992. In 1993, the Board of Trustees unanimously approved a single educational mission for the institution, and Midwestern University emerged. Today, the Downers Grove campus, located on 105 acres, has buildings that include academic classrooms, laboratories, a new state-of-the-art library and auditorium building, and student housing.

MWU history 3The Glendale, Arizona, campus was founded in 1995 when the Board of Trustees approved the purchase of land and the building of this new campus. The Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine began in 1995, the College of Health Sciences in 1996, and the College of Pharmacy–Glendale in 1998. The campus has seen rapid growth in the number of buildings, academic programs, faculty, staff, and students. Today, the Glendale campus, located on 135 acres, has buildings that provide for academic classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories, student housing, and an on-campus osteopathic clinic.

Midwestern University has developed strong partnerships with health care providers and facilities around the country to aid in the education of students in all of its academic programs. The history of the institution is reflected in the many alumni who have successful careers and a deep affection for their college and University. The Administration and the Board of Trustees are dedicated to fulfilling our mission of excellence and service. As we enter our second century, we remain committed to our tradition of providing quality health care education. We are tomorrow's health care team.

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